The Hamburger Family


The Hamburger family was one of the oldest Jewish families of the historical Hammelburg. In the midst of the 18th century "Feiber Abraham" lived in Hammelburg. He is the oldest known ancestor of the Hamburger family (Reference: Hessisches Staatsarchiv Marburg, Bestand 100/Nr. 7685). Feiber Abraham was a cattle trader and butcher (Viehhändler und Metzger). His son was called "Abraham Feiber Sohn". He was born in 1779 in Hammelburg. In 1811 all Jewish men must change their names. Abraham Feiber Sohn now called himself "Abraham Hamburger". His wife was Bella, born in 1780.


List of Jewish citizens in 1811

Reference: Stadtarchiv Hammelburg, Karl Stöckner




Hammelburg - Hometown of the Hamburger Family


Feiber Abraham

Ancestor of the 18th century


 A son of him was "Abraham Feiber Sohn", born on March 13, 1779.

In 1811 he changed his name in "Abraham Hamburger".

He was married to Bella, born on February 10, 1780.

They had the following children:


David, born on July 8, 1807

Emanuel (Mändel), born on July 21 1813

Eva, born on March 17, 1809

Bella, born on July 1811


David and Emanuel settled down in Hammelburg.


In 1856 David Hamburger

married Fanny Kohn from Altenschönbach (Prichsenstadt).

Her parents were Josef and Mathilde Kohn.



Jüdisches Standesregister 39, Staatsarchiv Würzburg



The old city of Hammelburg in 1846/47

In 1848 Emanuel Hamburger married Babette Hanauer.

They had the following children:


Feiber Philipp (April 22, 1849)  Fanny (July 15, 1851)  Abraham (December 25, 1852) 

Moses (October 7, 1854)  Meier (October 19, 1855)   Simon (December 16, 1857)  Samuel (October 14, 1859)



Jüdisches Standesregister 39 (Hammelburg)

Staatsarchiv Würzburg



Four sons of Emanuel Hamburger (from the left)

Philipp, Abraham, Meier and Simon

Photo: Phyllis Waldmann-Hofmann, New York



In 1881 Emanuel handed over his butchery business

to his son Abrahm Hamburger.

Advertisement in the "Hammelburger Journal" in March 1881



The Hamburger Family in the later 19th century



  Abraham Hamburger (*1852), son of Emanuel, was married to Philippine Braun.

She was born in Westheim nearby Haßfurt.

They had the following children:


Max (*1881)   Philipp (*1883)   Frieda (*1884)  Hilda (*1891)







Meier Hamburger (*1855), son of Emanuel, was married to Fanny Frankenthaler.

She was the daughter of a cattle trader.

Fanny was born in 1861 in Untereisenheim nearby Würzburg.




Fanny Frankenthaler



Meier Hamburger


They had the following children:


Babette Hamburger, born February 16, 1881

Arnold Hamburger, born June 25, 1882

Selma Hamburger, born June 25, 1883, married Feldenheimer

Ida Hamburger, born July 16, 1884, married Lippmann (Liebmann)

Carl Hamburger, born April 17, 1886

Richard Hamburger, born March 1, 1890

Maria (Mary) Hamburger, born February 6, 1900

Alfred Hamburger, born April 29, 1893; passed away June 22, 1925

Felix Hamburger, born March 31, 1896




Standesamt Hammelburg

Stadtarchiv Hammelburg, Karl Stöckner, Fundmaterialien

Phyllis Waldmann - Hofmann, New York




Houses of the Hamburger Family in Hammelburg






The Hamburger Family lived on Judengasse -  old Number 244, 256 and 258.

Today: Dalbergstraße 29 - 33 - 60.

After 1882 the sons of Emanuel - Abraham and Meier -  built new houses.




Photo above in the midst: the former house of Meier and Arnold Hamburger

built about 1890 behind the town hall.

Badgasse 9 - Kirchgasse 1 - today Frobeniusstraße


Arnold Hamburger lived there with his wife Berta Hamburger, nee Strauß

and the children Ilse (* 1912), Erich (* 1913) and Enny (* 1914).


On October 19, 1933 Ilse moved to Brüssel.

In 1938 Arnold was forced by the Nazis to sell cheap his house and all possessions.

On March 7, 1938 Arnold and Berta Hamburger escaped to Berlin,

where daughter Enny, married Hofmann,  lived in Wilmersdorf, Nürnberger Straße 35.


On September 9, 1938 a Nazi man in Hammelburg

acquired the house of Arnold Hamburger on Kirchgasse 9.


On July 14, 1939 Arnold and Berta Hamburger

escaped and emigrated to New York.


In 1944 the Nazi municipal government of Hammelburg acquired

the former house of Meier and Arnold Hamburger.



Stadtarchiv Hammelburg, Karl Stöckner,

Fundmaterialien von einstmaligen jüdischen Bürgern Hammelburgs




Abraham and his son Max Hamburger

in front of their house (Bahnhofstraße 10), built about 1890.

On the right in the window: Abraham Hamburger with his wife Philippine nee Braun (+ 1920); standing at the window Max Hamburger (*1881) with his wife Selma Clara nee Meier; on the left their little daughter Bella, born in 1910, with a nurse maid. Photo by Josef Kirchner, Hammelburg. The second daughter of the family, Hedwig, was born in 1914.




In the Nazi time  the Hamburger families were persecuted.

In 1936 they lost the license for the cattle trading.

In 1938 they must sell cheap all their houses and possessions and leave the town. 


Abraham Hamburger passed away at the age of 85

on April 26, 1938 far away from his hometown.

He was burried in the New Jewish Cemetery of Frankfurt on the Main.



The Hamburger family lost her hometown

with all possessions, houses, meadows and fields for the animals.


Photo: Many thanks to Markus Lenz


In August 1940 the Nazis (Gestapo Würzburg)

deprived Arnold Hamburger of his German citizenship.


Hilda Flörsheim, daughter of Abraham Hamburger,

was murdered in the Holocaust.

Elise Meier, mother-in-law of Max Hamburger, died in Theresienstadt.





Victims of Holocaust - The Hamburger Family


Hilda Flörsheim    Dr. Gustav Flörsheim   Ingeborg Flörsheim  


Ida Flörsheim   Isidor Flörsheim   Elise Meier





In September 2013 Nicole Haas from Denver (U.S.)

visited Hammelburg,

the hometown of her grandmother Hedwig Haas, nee Hamburger.

Hedwig, born in 1914,  was a daughter of Max Hamburger.


Photo: Mainpost, Roland Pleier



Data of the Hamburger Family - Hammelburg




Abraham Feiber Sohn (Abraham Hamburger)  * 1775 in Hammelburg  + 24.05.1853 in Hammelburg, son of Feiber Abraham

Abraham Hamburger  * 25.12.1852 in Hammelburg  + 26.4.1938 in Frankfurt on the Main, son of Emanuel

Alfred Hamburger  * 29.04.1893 in Hammelburg  + 22.06.1925 in Bad Oynhausen, son of Meier

Arnold Hamburger  * 25.06.1882 in Hammelburg  + Februar 1964 in the U.S., son of Meier

Babette Hamburger, geb. Hanauer  * 31.12.1825  + 31.10.1879 in Hammelburg, wife of Emanuel

Babette Hamburger  * 16.02.1881 in Hammelburg, daughter of Meier

Babette Ilse Hamburger  * 19.03.1912 in Hammelburg, daughter of Arnold

Bella Hamburger, married Lump  * 06.10.1910 in Hammelburg, daughter of Max, emigrated in the U.S.

Berta Hamburger, nee Strauß  * 26.10.1888 in Niederstetten, wife of Arnold, emigrated in the U.S.

Bertha Hamburger  + 09.12.1879 in Hammelburg

Buhle (Bella) Hamburger  * 1772 in Untererthal  + 21.01.1842 in Hammelburg, wife of Abraham Feiber Sohn

Carolina Hamburger, geb. Fröhlich  * 02.08.1868 in Unteraltertheim, wife of Simon

David Hamburger * 08.07.1807 in Hammelburg  + 1892, son of Abraham Feiber Sohn

Daniel Hamburger

Emanuel Hamburger  * 21.07.1813 in Hammelburg  + 19.07.1896 in Hammelburg, son of Abraham Feiber Sohn

Erich Hamburger  * 26.12.1917 in Hammelburg, + 11.03.1991 in New Buffalo USA, son of Arnold

Emilie Hamburger  + 26.09.1887

Enny Hamburger, married Hofmann  * 02.12.1914 in Hammelburg, daughter of Arnold

Esther Hamburger  * 1777  + 03.09.1861 in Hammelburg

Fanny Hamburger, nee Frankenthaler  * 04.12.1862 in Unterweisenheim, wife of Meier

Fanny Hamburger, nee Kohn  * 06.05.1821  + 20.08.1895 in Hammelburg, wife of David

Feiber Philipp Hamburger  * 22.04.1849 in Hammelburg  + 1921, son of Emanuel

Felix Hamburger  * 31.03.1896 in Hammelburg, son of Meier

Frieda Hamburger, married Strauß  * 15.12.1884 in Hammelburg  + 1921 in Kulmbach, daughter of Abraham

Ilse Babette Hamburger * 19.03.1912 in Hammelburg, daughter of Arnold

Hedwig (Hedy) Hamburger, married Haas  * 08.04.1914 in Hammelburg  +  März 2013 in the U.S., daughter of Max

Hilda Hamburger, married Flörsheim  * 27.05.1891 in Hammelburg  + murdered 25.11.1941 in Kowno, daughter of Abraham

Karl Hamburger  * 17.04.1886 in Hammelburg, son of Meier

Meier Hamburger  * 19.10.1855 in Hammelburg  + 21.08.1921 in Hammelburg, son of Emanuel

Max Hamburger  * 01.12.1881 in Hammelburg  + 1972 in New York, son of Abraham

Philipp Hamburger  * 22.03.1883 in Hammelburg, son of Abraham

Richard Hamburger  * 01.03.1890 in Hammelburg, son of Meier

Selma Hamburger, married Feldenheimer  * 25.06.1883 in Hammelburg, dauhter of Meier

Selma Clara Hamburger, nee Meier  * 04.11.1885 in Lohrhaupten  + April 1968 in New York, wife of Max

Samuel Hamburger * 14.10.1859 in Hammelburg, son of Emanuel

Simon Hamburger  * 16.12.1857 in Hammelburg, son of emanuel





Jewish Cemetery of Pfaffenhausen

The following graves of the Hamburger family have survived the pogrom in November 1938:


Babette Hamburger nee Hanauer (1825 - 1879)  -  Reihe 33, Nr. 33

Emanuel Hamburger (1813 - 1896)  -  Reihe 33, Nr. 33





David Hamburger (1807 - 1892) -  Reihe 35, Nr. 17

Fanny Hamburger nee Kohn (1821 - 1895) -  Reihe 35, Nr. 17


Meier Hamburger (1855 - 1921) - Reihe 39, Nr. 30

Fanny Hamburger nee Frankenthaler (1862 -1924)  -  Reihe 39, Nr. 29

Alfred Hamburger (1851 - 1923)  -  Reihe 39, Nr. 10






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